Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions that may help you better understand our program.

How do I redeem points for a benefit?
Simply tell the cashier and they will debit your account.


What if I forget my card?
The cashier can locate you and your customer number with proper ID.


Does Warranty work count for my points?
This is up to the individual dealer.


How am I notified of modification to the program? Ex: Additions or subtractions to the benefits?
You will be notified via your email address.


Can my points be redeemed for cash?
No. The points have no cash value.


Could any of my family members use my card when they have service work done, adding to my point total?
The Service Rewards Program may be used on any car in the immediate family.


How can I ensure I was credited properly for a service visit?
There is a complete history of all service work that you were credited for on this website.


Are my points transferable to someone else?
No. There is no transferability of the points.


Is there an expiration date on my points?
There is no scheduled expiration date to the points.